Thermaltake Matrix D12 120mm Magnetic Fan Filter (Black)



Product Description

Thermaltake Matrix D12 – Magnetic Fan Filter
Matrix D12 – Magnetic Fan Filter is the easiest of all computer air filters to use. There is no need for any skills. No screws, no tools, no glue and no hassles. These filters are magnetic and will attach themselves to the metal strip that is supplied. Simply stick and the filter is ready to install!
Fine Filter for Dust Reduction
Super fine mesh with excellent protection and reduction against dirt and dust; it allows air through the filter while still stopping the dust.
Magnetic Frame
Matrix D Series are fitted over the fan intake or vent holes on pc case using magnetic strips built into the filter. This will extend the lifespan of the computer and lead to an overall more practical computer experience.
Screw Holes Ready
There are four reserved screw holes at each corner of the frame for mounting to non-metallic surface, as an alternative option.
Great Reliability with PSU
These filters are designed to prevent dust from entering into the PC system. Ideal for PSU air intake grill, to improve reliability and reduce dust prevention.
Suitable for 120mm fans or vents
Two different sizes of filter available in Matrix D Series Magnetic Fan Filter. Matrix D12 is particularly design to fit most 120mm fans or vents.
P/N AC-002-ON1NAN-A1
Dimension ( W / H / D ) 120 x 120 x 1.7
Material PVC / Magnet
Main Function Magnetic fan filter
Color Black
Net Weight 18g


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