ASUS Essence One DSD Upgrade Kit



Product Description

Upgrade your Xonar Essence One series with native Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) 2.8MHz support through DSD over PCM (DoP)

  • Solder-free EEPROM upgrades your Essence One with native Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) support via DSD over PCM (DoP)
  • Two additional op-amps for easy tonal customization

Do you own an ASUS Essence One DAC? Now you can add native DSD support with a simple-to-fit upgrade kit! The package includes one EEPROM chip for the upgrade to DSD 2.8MHz support and the upgrade process is straightforward: just the EEPROM into the socket — no soldering required! DSD 2.8MHz format delivers 64 times (64X) the sampling rate of traditional compact disc (CD) recordings.

Profound Musicality

The package includes two MUSES 02 operational amplifiers (op-amps). MUSES 02 op-amps are the world’s first op-amps to be manufactured with high-purity oxygen-free copper interconnects and the result is true-to-life tonality, spacious sound and stunning vocals
Package Contents:
EEPROM x 1 (upgrade Essence One series with DSD 2.8MHz support through DoP)
MUSES 02 x 2
Quick start guide x 1

System Requirements:
The kit supports the following models: Xonar Essence One, Xonar Essence One Plus Edition, Xonar Essence One MUESE Edition. Please follow the instructions of quick start guide.


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